At Yebo Students, the more you put in, the more you get out!

Yebo CreditEach article you write, each comment you make or topic you start in the forums, earns you Yebo Credits (¥C). Yebo Credits are the currency you need in order to access benefits like special content on the site, to enter competitions, watch certain videos, get vouchers and discounts, and other cool stuff. Other people can see how many Yebo Credits you have earned. No one wants to be the loser with the least credits, especially when they’re so easy to earn. Having a tonne of Yebo Credits is the equivalent of having a sweet car, or a Nkandla-sized crib – automatic respect! Earn them by:

  • Starting a forum topic
  • Posting a reply in a forum discussion
  • Commenting on content
  • Rating content
  • Inviting your friends to Yebo Students by giving them your referral link.
  • Submitting content to the Student Showcase
  • If people upvote your content Upvote
  • Watching certain videos
  • Inviting your friends to register

But like all currency, you can lose it too. Don’t be tempted to be a smartass and write stupid comments just for the sake of earning Yebo Credits. If a moderator suspects that that’s what you’re doing, they’ll remove your comments and you’ll lose Yebo Credits. Because nobody likes a troll, and spamming is just annoying to everyone. This is your community. Let’s build it to be the most AWESOME thing since Jean Claude Van Damme did the splits between two reversing trucks.