UCT ROAR June 2014

We went to the University of Cape Town (UCT) to ask students a bunch of questions – some serious and some silly. The responses were awesome. Thanks to everybody who took part. You UCT guys have great energy!

During our time on campus we covered student dropout, smurfs, masturbation, salary expectations and lots more. You have to watch just for the cute girl who ‘meeps’.

Watch, rate and comment.

If you know the people in this video, please send them the link to this page because, although they may be super smart and funny, their handwriting looks like a bunch of squashed spiders and we couldn’t read half of the email addresses they wrote down for us!

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10 Responses to “UCT ROAR June 2014”

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  2. Profile photo of JANINE


    WOW maybe after July the 14th which is when my holiday ends @Yebo Students will make a turn @ UWC?

  3. Profile photo of adam89


    Awesome. Keep it up Yebo Students.

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    Daniella Star

    When @Simba looks so adorable! Love your accent! Great quality video! Hands up for Yebo(:

    That colored guy with the striped tshirt! So cute! Lmao

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    Yeah, this was cool. Please do some more. Go around the country maybe? Would be cool to see students from different campuses.

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    I’ve shared this video all over my Facebook page 🙂

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    legendary goddess

    lol @ the “WTF” guy was he daydreaming orr on sonething …..hayi he always makes my day shame.whenever I wanna laugh i go for that part hle…love him too bits..lol

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    HAHA! Love it. Dig the ph.fat track at the end there too!

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    hahahahahaha funny s**t right there

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