This is YOUR site.

What exactly do we mean when we say that? We mean that we want you to get involved and make it your own. There are lots of other student websites out there, claiming to serve you but actually just filling your screens with advertising. While we do advertise to help fund the site, the primary aim of Yebo Students is to build a truly useful resource for all students and give you a place to share and connect about the things that matter to you.

First, sign up. It’s free. Pick your username, it can be totally anonymous (if you want). Then explore the site, use the study and career resources, and get advice on your student life. We have revision notes and online assessments to help you prepare for exams, and career advice to set you up for life beyond university. We have classifieds so you can find that perfect house-share or ride home you’ve been looking for. We have everything you need to make student life a breeze.

The best place to get involved is to join in on the discussions happening on the forums, whether about sports or politics or relationships, with other students from across South Africa. If you love what’s happening there, and want to contribute towards making the forums a vibrant and supportive community of students, why not volunteer to be a moderator? They’re the guys with the special powers who make the forums run smoothly by making everyone feel included and valued, and deleting any abuse or booting any spammers who make the forum unpleasant. We need as many as we can get!

If you’re a budding journalist or writer, why not flaunt your writing skills and write an article on something that interests you? Whether you want to send us a story about student life in South Africa or want to voice your opinions about all the kak happening in the Middle East, we want to hear it.

Share your creativity. If you’re a talented artist, photographer, musician, singer, dancer, dj, whatever, we want to hear about you and your work in the Student Showcase. Post your artwork or photos, or use SoundCloud to share your music, and find an appreciative student audience who can give you feedback and encouragement. You could even win a prize!

There are many ways to get involved, and many we haven’t even thought of yet. If there’s something you’d like to do to contribute to the site, let us know! If there’s a way you think the site could be improved, tell us that too!

Oh, and we forgot to mention: every time you contribute, every time you reply on the forums, comment on an article, post something in the classifieds, submit something for publication or sometimes just watch a video, you earn Yebo Credits (YCs). YCs are your online currency to access extra benefits like entry into competitions, discounts on cool stuff and further resources like worked examples of papers and online assessments. The more YCs you have, the more of the site you have access to.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started!

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