My first attempt at painting. I painted a chick.

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6 Responses to “Chick”

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    That’s a pretty decent first attempt! Definitely keep going.

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    Simba roars

    Thanks, hey! Trouble is I’m a bit impatient. If any painting takes more than an hour I get frustrated. Also, I keep forgetting that you can fix things fairly easily with more paint. If I go wrong then I throw a tantrum and then decide to do something drastic to the painting. Sometimes that works but mostly it just ruins the painting.

  3. Profile photo of cella


    Maybe worth taking up pottery then instead?!

  4. Profile photo of Cwolff111


    That’s really good.

  5. Profile photo of JANINE


    That looks really awesome !

  6. Profile photo of SMG


    Most certainly doesn’t look like a first attempt… I think you’ve discovered a new talent! 🙂

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