Eyeball Tattoos, Anyone?

Does the thought of someone touching your eyeball make you squirm? Look no further, we have some cringe-worthy news for you – eyeball, or scleral tattoos are gaining popularity.

Apparently, the practice is relatively new – it started in 2007 and was perfected using a trial-and-error method. It may sound pretty horrible, but they can now dye your eyeball with ink by inserting a needle into the sclera, the protective outer layer of the eye. So, basically they stain the white of your eye with the colour of your choice.

Why do people do it? Some claim that they want to look like certain characters depicted in science fiction literature and movies. It also has shock value. One eyeball tattoo enthusiast said that this new trend is “trippy – and definitely starts some interesting conversations” [source: Positano].

Do Not Try It At Home

Scleral tattooing carries a high risk, and could damage your eyesight permanently. Problems range from recurring headaches that do not leave you, trouble seeing in bright light to annoying spots in one’s vision, and the list goes on. Ask yourself whether you could deal with damaged vision, or even complete loss of eyesight. Think before you ink.

What are your thoughts on eyeball tattoos? Should restrictions be placed on this practice, or is it a matter of personal choice?

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    This is gross.

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