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I bite my fingernails

They are so short I worry that they won’t ever grow back again. They honestly look disgusting, but I can’t stop. It’s kinda embarrassing. I’ve tried everything, even that yucky nailpolish stuff. I just lick it off. It also gives … Continued

My drunk uncle hit on me

It was gross. I can’t even describe how gross it was. It was at a family braai. I nearly slapped him. He was making lewd comments and put his hand so low around my waist that it was nearly on … Continued

My little sister found porn on my laptop

I let her use it to watch movies and she found my folder with porn in it. She thought it was more movies. She showed me a video and asked me what they were doing and that’s how I found … Continued

i kissed my best friend’s girl

i feel like a d**k…..but she’s super hot and was really into me. hope he never finds out! i’m sure they’ll break up soon anyway…..

I hate being home

When will term start again so I can go back to living in res? This month and a half of living with my parents is going to kill me…… actually wish they would just get a divorce and done.. Who … Continued

I pick my nose

and then i put the snot in places i know people need to touch like door handles so they get a surprise and if they dont notice i just laugh to myself. lol!

I’m a huge romantic…and I’m a guy

I like spoiling my gf with gifts for no reason, and romantic dates. I write poetry about how I’m feeling. I get emotional during romcoms. I love being affectionate, in private and public. Once when my gf was having a … Continued