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Guinea pig speaks!

No, it’s not a headline from the Daily Sun. This guy interviews his guinea pig and the result is hilarious! Check it out. If your pet could speak, what would it say? Anyone want to interview your dog and post … Continued

Umlilo stands out

Siya Ngcobo transforms into Umlilo when he performs his “future kwaai” sounds. Queer, stylish and outrageous, Umlilo has made waves not only in music, but also in film, tv, art and theatre. The Rhodes University Drama and Journalism graduate is set … Continued

UCT ROAR June 2014

We went to the University of Cape Town (UCT) to ask students a bunch of questions – some serious and some silly. The responses were awesome. Thanks to everybody who took part. You UCT guys have great energy! During our … Continued

Jack Parow’s bakkie

Jack Parow, King of Afrikaans Rap. Love him or hate him, he’s a product of our times. In this video, he takes Ciro of on a trip behind the boerewors curtain to a place that the rest of trendy … Continued

Love Disney much, maybe?

I haven’t seen the movie Frozen, but I’ve heard “Let it go” a bunch of times, seeing as the main song from the film seems to have taken over the internet, with many, many, many, many, many covers flooding youtube. … Continued