Student Showcase


She stands before the robots with a blanket tied around her abdomen and a small wrinkled board in her hand-the letters small and unequally written. She awkwardly waves and signs at passengers in old,new and fancy cars. Her sun kissed … Continued


As the girl gets taken away, she screams and shouts but her cries fall on deaf ears. The brutality of these men is too much for her to handle. They show no mercy or sympathy whatsoever. She tries her best … Continued


I used Pitt and for the canvas I recycled used sheets of A4 white paper that I found and painted on them using watercolours. I just wanted to see how it would turn out. 🙂

Creative Junkie

I’m a huge DIY fan.  I design and create delicate hand-crafted neck pieces, bracelets, earrings, watches etc. It’s a really fun  hobby which  I love although it can be time consuming I’m always happy with my finished results.  I’ve been doing … Continued

Kezcal1 (singer)

Here are some videos of me singing! They are cover songs I performed at a charity show! I would really like to hear your comments! For more, just go onto youtube and search – Kezcal1 x*x

My dream

My dream is to be in one of those awesome perfume adverts :$. I’m short yes and that’s why people tell me I’ll never make it. I don’t have a body like Naomi. I wear a size two so I … Continued