Yebo Students is an online community for students aged 15-25 in South Africa. Whether you are seeking expert advice or simply looking to chat with fellow students, Yebo Students is the place to be. Watch the video below to learn more…

Students, you are the future leaders, innovators and creative talent that will take South Africa forward and build a truly great country.

What if there were a website that made your student life easier, more enjoyable and productive?

Well, there is!!!!!! Yebo Students – where South African students Roar.

On Yebo Students you can…

– Discuss topics such as exams, relationships, your social life or even the meaning of life, in our active forums

– Read articles written by experts or students just like you

– View the best of South African young talent – be it art, music, comedy or inventions – in our student showcase – we can’t wait to hear what you have been up to!

Whenever you do something for the good of the yebo students community such as writing on the forum, adding an entry in the Student Showcase or commenting on articles, you earn Yebo Credits. Yebo credits can then be used to access useful study resources, enter competitions and claim discounts on products you want.

Whether you’re working towards Matric, on a Gap Year, at University or recently graduated – our friendly online community will make the journey through this stage of your life smoother and more rewarding.

Join today – it’s free.

Yebo Students – where South African students Roar.

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